National quality award

Since 5 decades ago, organizations are founded around the world offering quality awards with the aim of verifying management systems in different aspects of organizations. Therefore, there are more than 70 developed and developing countries own quality awards.


In Iran, Food and Drug Administration of Ministry of Health and Medical Education is one of the organizations that prosecuted generation of the National Quality Award for the units under its control in 2010. This award will be granted by Food and Drug Administration of Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education on two levels of Contribution to Quality and Reputation for Quality, to the organizations that achieve required score after precise assessments of Food and Drug Administration according to the Quality Assessment Model.



Some of the purposes of this award are as follows:

  • Increase in the common awareness of the importance of quality and the necessity to note that in society
  • Identification of the organization’s strengths and areas for improvement, and generating motivation for permanent improvement of quality of products, services and processes in organizations
  • Feasibility of assessment of the organizations, according to scientific criteria with an approach to product quality management
  • Detection of successful achievements of organizations regarding quality improvement and introducing them to other
  • organizations for benchmarking and respecting their endeavor towards quality improvement

Goltash Co. as one of the largest manufacturers of different types of toothpaste in Iran (under the names of Pooneh and Nasim), implemented the model of the Iranian National Quality Award in Food, Drug and Health in 2012 (3rd year of the award), for self-assessment and detection of strengths and areas for improvement. In this regard, with product quality management approach, Goltash Co. succeded to earn one-star award of Reputation for Quality for its toothpaste group of products by declaration combining, and precise assessment of Food and Drug organizations’ auditors.