Integrated management system

Today, there is an integrated movement around the world towards the creation of healthy working environments on a stable ground for improvement of quality of products, services and activities.


Quality is a necessity to survive in a competitive market and it would be impossible to achieve quality without a systematic viewpoint. ISO 9001 is the most important criterion for investigating the quality management system function. This standard promotes a systematic approach in the establishment, development and continuous effective improvement of quality management system. As a result, while meeting the needs of customers; the organization focuses on increasing customer satisfaction.

 (OH&S) ISO 14001 provides a structured management system for verification of organization function towards accomplishment of legal liabilities and environmental strategies. This is done by controlling the impacts of activities, services and products of the organization in order to decrease their adverse effects on the environment. Holistic interest in beneficiaries will be manifested in environmental concerns, and lasting development aimed at continuous improvement for the development of economic policies and ultimate goals of the organization.


OHSAS 18001 comprehends safety and health management, which aids the organization in fulfilling its safety, healthcare and economical aims, integrated with other management stipulations. The main purpose of this standard is furtherance and extension of methods for safety and health, according to the organization’s principles and legitimacy with social and economical requirements.


The three above-mentioned standards are integrated into a comprehensive management called Integrated Management System (IMS). The prosperity of this system relies on the commitment of all departments and levels of organization especially superior management. The institution of this commitment will lead to a change in organizations structure and behavior.


Establishment of an IMS system will be a starting point for organizations which intend to be preeminent towards the promotion of organization’s behavior and structure in order to make use of Fundamental Principles of comprehensive quality management. In 2002, Goltash Co. has implemented some activities for the establishment of quality management system based on ISO 9001:1994 and started to designate quality related goals and policies. A suitable foundation formed in this company for the creation and promotion of quality related issues. Then in 2004, as a result of improvement of management systems based on quality issues (ISO 9001:2000), environmental issues (ISO 14001:1996) and vocational health and safety issues (OHSAS 18001:1999), Goltash Co. succeeded to establish the IMS system.