Vision, Mission and quality declaration

  • VISION :

Goltash Co. is a leading pioneer that is known for distinction, reliability and superiority in quality of personal healthcare products.



Designing and producing various high quality personal healthcare products for promotion of society health and value creation for local and international consumers, with an environmental consideration and interactive approach in beneficiaries’ satisfaction.




Detergents and hygienic products are here to promote health among the public and to follow this goal, it is essential to maintain and improve the quality of these products. With a focus on quality in all its products, Goltash Co. has produced and submitted thousands of tons of hygienic products each year.


Special interest in different needs of our customers has made us produce a variety of products with different specifications according to the latest national and international quality standards, by employing experienced experts, modern machinery and well-equipped laboratories; and to make certain that we provide the best quuality and to make sure of the efficiency of our products, we cooperate with academic and scientific centers. We all hope for the day that Iranian products are used with honor and satisfaction around the world.